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Ugg Australia® is the ONLY 100% Australian Made manufactured Ugg Boots


What if I need to contact someone about my order? 
Please email us at and quote your 4 digit order number.

Can I get my item via Express Post?
At checkout please select the Express Post option. This requires and extra charge of $24.

What payments are accepted online?
We accept, Visa, Mastercard or Paypal. We do not accept American Express.

Can I purchase from overseas? 
Our Ugg Australia brand is only available to purchase within Australia. However you can purchase some of our products under our International brand, Roman and Ludmila at

How long will it take for my order to arrive? 
Please allow up to ten working days for your parcel to arrive within Australia.

What do I do if I have a problem with the post?
Ugg Australia® uses Australia Post for all online orders, you order will be allocated with a tracking number which will be sent to your email via Australia Post. Please allow 10 business days for your order to arrive. Alternatively it is possible to visit the Australia Post to track a parcel using the tracking number.

What if I cannot find my tracking number? 
Your tracking number is sent from Australia Post so please check your inbox and junk file for an email from "Auspost". If you cannot find it please email and quote your 4 digit order number.

Can I wash my Ugg boots?
Ugg Australia® do not recommend washing boots, as they are essentially footwear. Unless you are particularly skilled in washing suede shoes we would not recommend to do so as results vary.

Does protector spray protect my boots from water? 
We recommend you use protector on your boots before wear to help with water resistance. This will help to protect against watermarks but does not mean you can use your boots like scuba gear. It’s still a suede product and needs extra care. Genuine double face sheepskin can never be 100% water resistant because it’s a natural product. Be wary of brands claiming their products are ‘water proof’ dangerous chemicals are used to make a material behave in a way that it is not naturally designed to.

Are Ugg Australia® products really made in Australia? 
Ugg Australia®’s vision has always been to continue manufacturing our quality products within Australia. We pride ourselves on the authenticity of our products, which is why we can guarantee ALL of our products are made 100% made within Australia. We even offer factory tours so you can see your boots being made, right here in Melbourne, Victoria. We also operate our own Tannery in Laverton so you can be assured the whole process of manufacturing takes place in Australia. ALL our products are registered with the Australian Made Organisation to carry the Australian made and owned label and many of our products also qualify to carry the "Product of Australia"

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